What does it mean to receive your appliance repair certification online from Master Samurai Tech?

Many customers like to see that their appliance repair technician is “certified,” but they never ask where the appliance repair certification comes from. Since there is no standard appliance certification in the US for appliance repair professionals, it’s up to you to choose where to get yours.

Master Samurai Tech has an excellent reputation for training the best appliance repair technicians in the business through our online courses.

  • We have provided appliance repair training classes at national and regional training events for the United Appliance Servicers Association.
  • Organizations like BrandSource, Nationwide Marketing Group, and Mr. Appliance® rely on Master Samurai Tech’s online appliance repair training school to provide technical training for their franchises and tech communities.
  • Many multi-tech businesses use our courses to train and certify their technicians, and hundreds of individual owner-operators have taken our courses to begin or boost their business with an appliance repair certification.

Earning your appliance repair certification online at the Master Samurai Tech Academy demonstrates a commitment to your profession and an unparalleled depth of knowledge.

Free Gifts With Every MST Certification

First, students who earn their appliance repair certification online in the Core Appliance Repair Training course also receive a free one-year membership to Appliantology, the biggest and best online resource for working techs. That’s a $197 value FREE, and that’s just for starters.

Certified appliance technicians and businesses also earn the right to show off their expertise to customers, employers (or employees), manufacturers, dealers, and more. Contact us anytime to request your physical appliance repair certificate, your uniform patches, and your digital badge to showcase on your website.

Other Certifications?

Most appliance repair certifications are based on paying to take a one-time exam that hardly tests the depth of your expertise. Master Samurai Tech is more like a certification program, a growing trend in all areas of higher education, which shows that you completed a dedicated series of coursework and that you showed an excellent grasp of the material in every quiz and exam. An appliance repair certification online from Master Samurai Tech carries far more weight within the appliance repair industry than other certifications, and it will give you far more confidence in your own skills.

NASTeC and PSA Certifications

If you would like to supplement your Master Samurai Tech appliance certification with some of the single-exam variety, your training in our online school will let you make short work of the NASTeC and PSA certifications. But we wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to save your money and skip both of these.

How to Get Certified

An appliance repair certification online from Master Samurai Tech Academy is issued for the Core Appliance Repair, Advanced Refrigerator Repair, Advanced Oven and Range Repair, Advanced Washer and Dryer Repair, and Advanced Troubleshooting courses, but only when students have scored:

  • 80% or better on each unit quiz
  • 90% or higher on each module exam (where applicable)
  • 90% or higher on both the midterm and final exams (where applicable)

Note that the requirements are for each quiz or exam, not based on an average.

Pursuing your appliance repair certification online with Master Samurai Tech opens up a world of opportunities for your professional growth. Our comprehensive courses are designed to equip you with the practical skills and technical knowledge needed to excel in the appliance repair industry. Master Samurai Tech provides everything you need to become a certified appliance repair technician online, at your own pace. Enroll today and unlock the door to a successful and rewarding career in appliance repair.